We can help you see the impact

your volunteered time

has on the lives of others. 

Answer God's Call to Action

Fuel Community Growth

Grow Your Social Network

You should never have to miss an opportunity to live your purpose.

Do you want to help but don't because you lack the skills needed?

Are you looking for ways to meet other like-minded people?

Are you looking for ways to put your spare time to good use?

Would you enjoy seeing your time and talents have a visible impact?

Volunteer to a project that you know has exponential impact

Like you, we understand that the value of the gift of your time and talents is bigger than just the hours you put in but is valued by the individuals lives and community businesses you helped to touch.

Re-write Another's Story

Sometimes there are people in our community that just need an opportunity to get their life back on track. Having a car that they can count on is a key step to their story's happy ending.

Flexible Scheduling

Our team will work with you to help determine a schedule that works for your lifestyle. You can volunteer as many hours as you want. We are grateful for any and all hours that our wonderful team spends in helping change lives in our community!

Learn Valuable Skills

Whether you are an experienced mechanic or you know very little about cars, we'll find a place where you'll have impact. Some team members have learned valuable life-skills from our team of qualified experts. It's truly a win-win!

Joining our team of change-makers is as easy as 1-2-3

We know that you understand the value to paying it forward in your community. We're asking you to consider following the simple steps below to begin a journey of becoming the change-maker you want to be.


Reach Out to Us

If you have some spare time and talents that you would like to bring as a volunteer, reach out to us to discuss details.


Create a Flexible Schedule

Our team will make sure that you are on a schedule that works for your lifestyle. There are no requirements for hours!


Enjoy the Change Created

You'll enjoy knowing that your time and talents has made a difference in not just one persons life, but your community too.

Become a Volunteer

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